Monday, October 21, 2013

Baby Steps...

I am having far, far too much fun with developing Custom Made Kid™ to be able to consider it "work" in any way and wanted to share what I've been up to lately with CMK.  It's been absolutely amazing to feel how "home" I feel to be working on this project and how much I feel the Lord encouraging me to keep going.  Follow through isn't always my strong suit. 

I'm almost done with the website that I've been working on.  In a moment of stark-raving insanity, I decided I would attempt to design the website from scratch all by myself.  Days, weeks, less hair, and at least 12 migraines later, I think I'm almost done.  I'm actually pretty proud of it and keep telling myself it's ok if it looks a little bit like a 6th grader designed it.  It's a website about kids afterall so maybe people will just assume I did it that way on purpose.  Yea that.  Either way, I had three main goals...give clear and concise information, keep the website super easy to navigate, and keep the overall look clean and simple. 

Here's a couple shots of some of the pages although the quality isn't anything like what the actual website looks like...but it gives a good idea.

My friend, Jessica, shot the picture below for her friends that are adopting.  I fell in love and begged her to use it on the website.  It pretty much says it all for me!

Currently, as some of you saw elsewhere, I'm trying to decide which "style" I'm going to go with for the kid's shirt.  Note: not using the black's "for example" only. 

tshirt image courtesy of american apparel website

I also think I've narrowed down the first round of women's CMK shirts to these three and plan to put them on Alternative Apparel brand tees because they have that super-soft feel without being cheap. 

tshirt image courtesy of american apparel website

tshirt image courtesy of american apparel website

This last one, I questioned for a while because it looks a little LSU-ish and, if you know a thing about the SEC, you know they be cray.  Nothing against LSU but it's like a rule that SEC people don't wear other schools colors.  I finally decided that people that would hate on this shirt for the colors are the kind of people who would kick puppies.  You can wear purple and gold for the chil-rens. 

tshirt image courtesy of american apparel website

I couldn't pass it up since that banner the kids are holding in the logo has exactly the gold and purple for two of the flags. 

Anyway, these tees and a couple others are going to be on the website eventually under our "shop" tab.  Any other colors or styles you'd like to see?  I'm open to suggestions...


amy (metz) walker said...

So awesome momma! I got all choked up reading "what is a custom made kid". Love it. Press on beauty, as you have been chosen!

amy (metz) walker said...

Amy, I am SO excited for you and could not be more thrilled to see CMK shaping up so perfectly! As a CMK myself, your project holds a special place in my heart; and as a long-time follower of your blog, this project is even MORE special to me! I so look forward to seeing what the future has in store for you and all of your hard work! (And I can't wait to sport one of your awesome t-shirts!)

amy (metz) walker said...

I'm a LSU fan, but that picture looks purple and orange, so it didn't occur to me that it was LSU colors. I honestly don't think that people would hate on the colors you pick.

Also, I like picture number 2 for the children's shirt. The reason being is there are so many shirts that say something stupid or offensive on them that I have quit reading the shirts. I like the second shirt because it's a great advertisement for your business and the image is catchier than just words. Plus, if people don't know what a CMK is, they won't further inquire into it. The logo will spark interest.

I pray for y'all daily.

amy (metz) walker said... the mom of a "custom made kid" I love everything about what you are doing. My vote for the shirt design for the kids is #`1. And, for us adults, can you get any of the T-shirts made with v-neck? That would be really nice! I hope you continue to see this through and that God gives you the guidance and the strength.....this is really glory to HIM!! Bless you.