Thursday, October 10, 2013

Whoooo Whooooo...

I swear, these days I'm either laughing at LC or dying of embarrassment.  The child has a gift. 

LC has really started to show an interest, for the first time, in playing with and kissing her stuffed animals (or am-in-als as she calls them).  The other morning, while I was changing her diaper, she held out her stuffed puppy to me and said, "Keesh".  Since I was a bit occupied, I kissed the air in the general direction of the puppy and LC looked at me with this disturbed little face and then back at the puppy before holding him back out to me and clarifying, "Mouf. Keesh."  Mouth kiss.  Guess there is no fooling her...and I was pretty impressed with her ability to communicate her dissatisfaction as well as the solution!   

When its time to leave the house, she carefully chooses who gets to go with her and then tells the others, "Buh bye" in a strangely deep voice, waving so long on her way out the door to those left behind.  Most often, she takes her stuffed Puppy (Pup-PEE) and her stuffed "Owl" (OW), both gifts from my Mom now that I think of high five, Gee. 
I've absolutely loved and thought its so super cute that when LC holds her bunny, she calls it "Bunny Hop Hop" and her cat is "Kitty Yeee-ow" and the Puppy, which makes total sense is "Puppy Ruff Ruff".  Almost as if those are their last names.    
I tell you these details not because I want to give you every trivial detail of my child's life but because you'll see in a minute how this matters.  I don't remember if I mentioned it before on the blog or not but several months back, LC had this obsession with blueberries.  At home, when she called them "boobies" it was funny.  When I quietly walked by the blueberries in the grocery store and LC began screaming "BOOBIES!!! BOOBIES!!! BOOBIES!!!" at the top of her lungs, it was not so funny any more.
She's been articulating her words better lately and I had assumed that, for the most part, those type of awkwardnesses had passed until we got more into the sentences.  Not so.  The child likes to keep me humble, whatcanIsay?
Anyway, we left the house the other day with the Pup-PEE and the OW per the usual and I'm running errands.  When I set her in the cart with her owl (the only one who had made it indoors with us this time), she started playing this game where she would throw her Owl on the floor or into the back of the cart.  I gave it back to her a couple times but once I figured out that it was a game, I signed to her that she was "all done" because we don't throw things on the floor. 
A few seconds later, LC started asking for her Ow Who Who and I remind her that she doesn't get it because she was throwing it down after I asked her not to. 
"Ow Who Who, Mah-ME.  Peas..." she says.
No ma'am.  Mommy told you not to drop it. 
"Dwop it." she replies.
That's right, I confirm.  You can either hold it or leave it.
"Weave it." she parrots. 
Ow Who Who, Mah-ME, PEAS.  she says again. 
I continue pushing my cart but I don't respond and it frustrates her. 
OW WHO WHO, PEAS!!! she says more loudly, as if I'm suddenly suffering from deafness rather than purposely ignoring her. 
No ma'am, I'm sorry...we already tried it and you dropped it again. I remind her.
At this point, LC somehow understood that I was not responding in the way she was hoping and the toddler wailing and crying began.  I grit my teeth because I hate public tantrums but I'm also SO not going to send the message, "Cry and throw a fit and I'll give in..." 
Sorry, aint happenin.  I'll just be dying of embarrassment on the inside, thankyouverramuch
Much to my great dismay, though, her tears escalated and what I hadn't factored on was how strangers would look at me when my child began crying and screaming, "OW-WHOWHO-Mommy! OW-WHO-WHO! OWWWWWWWW-WHOOOOOOOO-WHOOOOOOO" over and over. 
Let's face its, when a child begins screaming the words "OW" and "WHOWHO" in the same sentence - in public no less - its a little problematic.  I literally started sweating and felt a strong need to explain to those around me that her "WHO WHO" was just fine by holding up her little stuffed owl.  This, I wanted to say, is her Who Who.  Its not what you're thinking.  Finally, I managed to distract her with some Savior Gummy Bears I had in my diaper bag, hoping and praying that no one called the police before we made it out of the store.   
In retrospect, it might have been a better idea to just give her back that dang Owl Who Who after all. 


Jeanie said...

OMG, total embarrassment! You'll all laugh about this in years to come.

amy (metz) walker said...

hahaha! Love this! Nick & I have already discussed there are certain words we dont' need to try and teach Elyse quite yet because her pronunciation might be a little questionable! ha!