Friday, December 20, 2013

Santa Claus & Aubie Claus

Last weekend, we took LC to meet up with her best friend, Zachary to do the obligatory Santa Claus photos.  These two really do love each other and, I swear, I need to write a kids book with them as inspiration.  They call each other "Khaki" and "Lanlee" which is pretty adorable. 
Anyway, we stood in line as the kids played, waiting on Singing Santa to stop singing and get down to business.  LC played a little hard-to-get with Zachary, paid a little attention to their 2 month old little girl, MB...

 ...and snuggled a little with her Daddy (although she still purposely calls him "Gaggy").  I get told constantly how much LC looks like me from absolute strangers but this particular picture blows me away how much she looks like DW.  Makes my heart pitter-patter in my chest a little. 

...and then we got close enough to spot Santa...
LC wasn't too excited about it as you can see.

Honestly, I wasn't sure how LC would do because she is not a fan of strangers but she held her own. What really freaked me out was when I compared the difference between last years pics and this years pics. I can't believe how much she's grown. Although, I kinda can since it feels like I'm carrying a 13 year old most days. She is super tall (and dense) for her age or something because I know several 4 year olds that LC is looking at eye to eye.

Clearly she thinks Santa is for babies...(eye roll).
Zachary's face makes me laugh...I love that kid. It was like a very painful "Cheese".   
We also, as Auburn fans, couldn't miss out on the opportunity to take the kids to go see Aubie-Claus. The real Aubie was actually visiting a local church and taking pics with kids so we reserved a time and headed over. 

LC with her two crushes, Khaki and SEE-ven.

Zachary's face lit up like a Christmas Tree (to use a seasonally appropriate expression) when he saw Aubie and, as you can see from the pic, was absolutely thrilled to get to meet him. 

LC, on the other hand, went into full blown cardiac arrest. Her daddy can only hope this doesn't mean that she grows up and becomes an Alabama fan.  DW's entire family and my Dad, her "Ace", wouldn't be sad in the least if this catastrophe happened. 

 Notice to Alabama fans: the comment section of this blog post is closed.  ;-) 

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amy (metz) walker said...

I love LC's cute little blue barrette! where did you find it?